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Education is the essential  ingredient that keeps the wheels of progress and development of a person running smoothly. Primary aim of education is to upgrade one's life and humanize it. The youth of a country are the leaders and trend setters of tomorrow. It is imperative that the youth be targeted to develop their physical , intellectual , spiritual and patriotic dimensions in order to be effective and useful for the nation. In the words of Swami Vivekanand, "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already  in a chils".It has been proved a number of times particularly in the recent Common Wealth Games that our youth constitutes an immense reservoir of strength which if properly canalized can prove to be a source of great power to the nation. Our institution tries t fulfill the above aims and to prove our National Motto "Satyameva Jayatey naniritum" means Truth along triumphs not falsehood . The biggest problem faced by the world today is  the environment hazands . So, it is important that our  youngsters should be trained to become brand ambassadors to promote awareness for environmental protection and conservation of natural resources. Let us move on to the stars - who can hamper our scent ? Let us ignite the young minds to dace the menace of global warming through the process of education and training . Creating awareness for the protection and conservation of natural resources is an integral part of the system. APS is laying solid foundation in the students to face the challenges of globalization , global warming Green house effects are posing grave threat to man's very existence .The school aims to develop an integrated all round personality with sound mind and body of the student so as to do selfless service of society  and to stop further  depletion of natural resources for the survival of life on earth.

APS, a prestegious institution imparting  education upto Sr. Sec. stage in Art , Science & commerce stream , for all section of society in a modern attractive building fully equipped with all the latest facilities, well stocked libraries, laboratories , computers and audio visual equipments for the benefit of students. The facilities include indoor  & outdoor games particularly swimming in its own spacious ground .Dr. Radha Krishan in his repots dated 1949

lamented that the educational  institutions all over India should plan by which character is formed strength or mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one's own feet. Weare attempting to fullfil this aim .A journey of thousand miles begins with one step. I feel honoured to recall the student's performance in academic , sports and other co-curricular activities.  Science & other exhibitions are organixed in the school premises to showcase the creative talents of the students. I congratulate magazine team and express my sincere thanks and best wishes to the studenta and the parants  for their co-operation and efforts to make the dream come true.