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    With an objective to build an ideal educational system commited to the development of the child's overall growth and personality , the school was started almost two decades ago. The goal  to be achieved is not just transfer of knowledge but to enable each child to perceive life in the context of its nurturing community to use creative capabolities to enhance their own lives and to create maximum benefits to their  community. Emphasising on man making, character building and assimilation of ideas, the institution encourages inquisitiveness and inculcates open mindedness.
    Abhinav Public School, an English medium school established in year 1990 is recognized by the Directorate of Education, Govt of NCT and affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi upto XII, is promoted by Akhil Bhartiya Samajhothan Samiti (Regd) which has done pioneering work in the field of education. It aims at quality education and pursuit of excellence in all and in life itself. The Samiti  expouses the philosophy that spreading the light of  knowledge is more important and more beneficial than the temporary advantages of charitable acts or alms giving. It is one of the firm view that as the Chinese proverb goes teaching a person to fish is better than giving him a fish to eat for a day. The samiti is also having Abhinav Public Senior Secondary School working at CU BLOCK Pitampura,Delhi .